Introducing……Dr. Kathryn Chang Barker ….. Feb 2017


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Dr. Kathryn Chang Barker is a consulting education futurist and strategist with a PhD in Education Administration and Policy Studies from the University of Alberta, Canada. She has just completed 2 years as Higher Education Expert Advisor in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar.  She has been a Visiting International Professor at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman and USTC in China.  Dr. Barker has experienced life and work in higher education in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, China, Australia, Qatar and Oman. She works with senior leadership, using her cultural adaptability and extensive expertise in strategic and operational planning, environmental scanning and trend analysis, faculty development and teaching excellence, international education and internationalization, community engagement, lifelong learning, national standards development and accreditation, quality assurance mechanisms, ICT and learning technologies, ePortfolio implementation, operationalizing graduate attributes, leadership and innovation, and quality assurance.


clip_image001_000As founder and president of FuturEd Consulting Education Futurists Inc., Dr. Barker has provided research and development in the education industry since 1995. She has additional content expertise in the fields of eLearning quality; workforce development; education reform in the context of global change; Return on Investment (ROI) in learning systems; adult and workplace literacy; mobile learning; prior learning assessment and recognition of prior learning; occupational skill standards; human capital assets management; and various other learning and administrative innovations.  As well, she also has process expertise in professional research, project management, strategic and operational planning, futurist tools and strategies, policy development and analysis, written communications and corporate presentations, internet business applications and marketing, business planning and development. She is a big picture thinker with a passion for change. 


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