The FuturEd Transformation Model

FuturEd presentation Transformation Tools to Change Learning Systems

Visions of a Preferred Future

FuturEd presentation Education In the Future For the Future

FuturEd presentation Lifelong Learning in Canada - Visions for the Future

FuturEd presentation HRD for SMEs and RED in Canada for the KBE

FuturEd presentation Quality Assurance through Canadian National Training Standards

FuturEd presentation The 21st Century Learner - Alternative Perspectives

The Future of eLearning - the ePortfolio

Programs for Promoting Change

Managing Learning in the Workplace

Recognition of Foreign Credentials in Canada

Bridging Programs for Skilled Immigrants

LIfelong Learning In Canada

Lessons Learned in Adult Literacy

Literacy Issues and Options for Action

Training for Employment Policy and Delivery in Canada

Women - Lifelong Learning and Economic Development

Sustaining Prior Learning Assessment in BC

Tools for Implementing Change

Calculating Return on Investment in Training Workbook

Impact Analysis Tool

Sustaining Literacy Programs Through Evaluation

Online Tools for Tourism

Quality Audit for Prior Learning Assessment Services