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FuturEd™ is a consulting firm based in Vancouver, Canada, and founded by Dr. Kathryn Barker in 1995. A virtual organization with associates and strategic alliances across Canada and around the world, FuturEd™ provides a wide variety of products and services related to all aspects of education and training in the future and for the future.

You are a decision-maker with an eye to the future. To participate in positive and proactive change in the education and training community, you will need comprehensive information about: education issues and trends on an international basis; global trends that relate to education change; change initiatives and strategies at all levels; perspectives of the labour market partners; recommendations from futurists and policy-makers; and a systems-based model for educational change.

Information is continuously gathered by FuturEd™ through: direct experience inside the education and training system; involvement in national networks and projects; a variety of associates and strategic alliances; extensive literature reviews and on-line information searches; and innovative research and product development.