ePortfolio papers and presentations -

FuturEd's international leadership in ePortfolio implementation

FuturEd eP work to Oct 2006

ePortfolio Workshop for eTQM

ePortfolio Introduction - FuturEd

History of ePortfolio in Canada

The Future of ePortfolio


ePortfolio Quality Standards Project

ePortfolio Quality Standards 2004

ePortfolio for Assessment of Learning

eFaculty Competencies Barker 05 October 07

ePortfolio for Teachers

ePortfolio Trends in BC


ePortfolio for Quality Assurance in Education Systems

ePortfolio for Trust Transparency Transportability

ePortfolio for eLearning Quality Assurance

ePortfolio Beyond the Classroom

ePortfolio and Digital Identity - eCitizenship

ePortfolio for Managing Learning in the Workplace

ePortfolio Success Stories - Wisdom for Trainers

Barker ePortfolios for Adults in Transition

ePortfolio for Human Capital Management

ePortfolio and HRD Policy Goals

ePortfolio to Recognize Culture and Heritage

ePortfolio to Connect Skilled Immigrants and Employers

eP for Skilled Immigrants and Employers - LIfIA

ePortfolio for Community Economic Development

LIFIA_ca Learning Innovations Forum - founded by Dr. KCB, no longer in operation