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Policy Diagnostic for CanLearn Interactive

Client Youth, Learning and Literacy Directorate, Human Resources Development Canada
Deliverable Paper with diagnostic of the public policy problems that set
the stage for development of CanLearn Interactive an omnibus
web site with information and interactive decision-making tools for
adults Canadian and international seeking to make informed
decisions about post-secondary education and training in Canada
  • literature search and analysis of HRDC documents
  • analysis and synthesis of relevant statistics
  • diagnostic design and development
  • preparation of diagnostic paper
  • all elements of post-secondary education and training in Canada
  • consumer rights and responsibilities regarding PSE
  • education information and tools on the Internet
  • human resources development and lifelong learning
    in Canada
  • learning for the Knowledge-based Economy (KBE)
Date January to February 1999
Contact Mr. Stephen Walker
Youth, Learning and Literacy, HRDC
Ottawa, Canada