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Adult Literacy Programs, Policies
and Practices: Lessons Learned

Client Evaluation Services, Evaluation and Data Development,
Human Resources Development Canada
  • Adult Literacy Lessons Learned Technical Report an extensive literature review of adult literacy studies and reports from Canada and other industrialized countries.
  • Adult Literacy Programs, Policies And Practices: Lessons Learned a report of the implications of interventions directed at adult literacy
  • Lessons for Adult Literacy -- an brochure setting out what has been learned about policies, programs and practices in adult literacy
  • complete project management
  • extensive literature review in English and French
  • synthesis and analysis of documents from all over the world
  • writing of three reports: a technical research report, a synthesized analysis with recommendations, and a plain language brochure
  • adult literacy interventions past and present
  • issues associated with adult literacy and basic education
  • education and training in Canada
  • policy analysis and program evaluation
  • research processes
Partners Consultative group of experts from:
  • adult literacy students MCL Learners Network
  • providers of literacy programs -- Frontier College
  • resource centres -- Centre for Literacy in Quebec
  • information providers National Adult Literacy Database
  • provincial adult education ministries
  • advocacy groups Ontario Literacy Coalition
  • the media, workplace educators, researchers and policy makers
Date Fall 1998 to Spring 1999
Contact Tom Brecher
Evaluation and Data Development, HRDC
Ottawa, Canada

Brigid Hayes
National Literacy Secretariat, HRDC
Ottawa Canada