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Development of the PLAR
Quality Audit Tool

Client Canadian Labour Force Development Board (Ottawa, Canada)
  • A quality audit tool to assess PLA/PLAR services against recommended national PLA/PLAR standards (Phase 1) at
  • Published articles regarding the CLFDB and the PLAR Quality Audit (Phase 2)
  • A consumerís guide to PLAR to familiarize potential users (Phase 3)
  • Research on the application of the Quality Audit (Phase 4), specifically at Simon Fraser University (BC), the Halifax PLA Centre (NS), and the Forum for International Trades Training (Ottawa)
  • conceptualization of the quality audit process
  • development of quality indicators for PLA/PLAR
  • design and production of an electronic quality audit tool
  • research to apply and improve quality audit tool
  • quality assurance in PLA/PLAR and in education/training
  • workforce training and employment issues
  • electronic and Internet applications
  • consumerís perspective of PLA/PLAR
  • pan-Canadian networks and PLA/PLAR providers
Partner PLAR Steering Committee (CLFDB) with representation from all labour market partners: business, labour, education, designated equity groups, federal and provincial governments, industry sector councils
  • Fall 1997 (Phase 1)
  • Ongoing (Phase 2)
  • In process (Phase 3)
  • Summer 1998 (Phase 4)
Contact Ms. Ursule Critoph, Senior Associate
Canadian Labour Force Development Board
Ottawa, Canada