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Women's Human Resources Development Needs
in the Context of Small- and Medium-size 
Enterprise in Canada in 1998

  • North-South Institute
  • APEC HRD NEDM Project
Deliverable Gender and Lifelong Learning: Enhancing the Contributions of Women to Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises in Canada for the 21st Century (North-South Institute, 1997), an extensive research paper prepared as the Canadian case study for an APEC HRD project: Gender and Lifelong Learning. The project culminated in a conference in Taipei (June 1998) from which recommendations went forward to the APEC HRD committee regarding training and business supports for women. Specific areas of concern are access to non-traditional professions (science, trades and technology), access to business supports (childcare, technology, and credit), and access to advancement (removing barriers and changing attitudes).
  • complete research management
  • extensive literature review and on-line search
  • demographic and statistical analysis
  • framing of very broad concepts
  • report writing and production
  • barriers to training and advancement for women in Canada
  • small- and medium-sized enterprises and business development
  • women’s organizations and resources in Canada
  • workforce demographics and issues
  • future directions for economic development for women
  • lifelong learning issues and opportunities
  • assessment and recognition of prior learning
Partner Advisory committee with representatives from:
  • North-South Institute
  • Status of Women, Canada
  • Women’s Bureau, HRDC
  • Industry Canada
  • women entrepreneurs themselves
Date Fall 1997 to Spring 1998
Contact Heather Gibb
Senior Researcher
North-South Institute
Ottawa, Canada