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Quality Audit of Provincial PLA/PLAR
Policy in British Columbia

Client Centre for Curriculum, Transfer and Technology (BC, Canada)
Deliverable Doing the Right Things Right: A 1998 Quality Audit of PLA/PLAR Implementation in British Columbia, a published document which includes:
  • a quality audit of provincial PLA/PLAR implementation in the public post-secondary education sector against recommended national PLAR standards (CLFDB, 1996)
  • an analysis of the provincial policy against national public policy goals and provincial education reform goal
  • complete project management
  • research method: document analysis
  • data analysis: public policy analysis
  • quality evaluation: PLAR Quality Audit (CLFDB, 1997)
  • report writing and production within a very short timeframe
  • Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLA/PLAR)
  • quality assurance in PLA/PLAR
  • national PLA/PLAR quality standards and policy goals
  • BC provincial education reform goals and processes
Partner Advisory committee with representatives from:
  • Centre for Curriculum, Transfer and Technology
  • Ministry of Advanced Education, Training and Technology
  • Provincial PLA Steering Committee
  • Institutional PLA Coordinators’ Working Group
  • Canadian Federation of Students
  • Senior Instructional Officers Committee
Date Spring 1998
Contact Mr. Devron Gaber
Executive Director
Centre for Curriculum, Transfer and Technology
Victoria, BC, Canada