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A Survey of Quality Standards
for Educational Software

  • Education and Training Provider Network (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Human Resources Development Canada, (Ottawa)
    Sectoral Partnerships Delivery Division
Deliverable Learnware Quality Background Paper (FuturEd, 1997), an extensive literature review of the current status of quality standards for educational software or "learnware" (at Quality assurance for learnware is related to the fields of educational accountability, software design elements, technology-based learned, and electronic information dissemination. In addition to current information about quality and educational software, the report provides resources related to technical quality of software, Internet standards, evaluation criteria for Internet information, standards for Information Technology policies and practices, specific applications of software, and quality assurance in distance delivery of education and training, education and training standards, quality issues in the use of learning technologies, and technical aspects of learnware.
  • extensive on-line literature review
  • extensive hyperlinking to existing information
  • educational software applications and design issues
  • distance education and open learning
  • Internet quality standards
Date Fall 1997
Contact Ms. Marie Smith
Sectoral Partnerships Delivery Division, HRDC
Ottawa, Canada

Dr. James Rossiter, President
Knowledge Connection Corporation
Toronto, Canada
416-979-2930 ext. 21