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Using Work Skills Analysis Tools to Target
Training - Piloting the Work Keys System

  • Forestry Continuing Studies Network (Kamloops, BC, Canada)
  • Riverside Forest Products (Lumby, BC, Canada)
  • Gathering Information to Plan for FRBC-funded Training (FuturEd, 1997), a research paper that includes an analysis of the pilot use of Work Keys to help identify required work skills, assess individualís acquired skills, and provide a gap analysis.
  • Personal Skills and Experience Inventory for Work in the Forestry Industry (FuturEd, 1997), a questionnaire to be used as an industry-specific, entry-level data gathering device for individuals and for employers.
  • research plans and management
  • pilot use of Work Keys in one forestry firm
  • development of the PSEIWFI questionnaire as a necessary supplement
  • writing and production of report and recommendations
  • work skills assessment tools
  • workplace education and training
  • workforce development and industrial adjustment
  • Advisory committee with representatives from:
  • Forestry Continuing Studies Network
  • Riverside Forest Products
  • Lumby Community Association
  • Work Keys administered by Open Learning Agency (Vancouver)
Date Spring 1997
Contact Tom Rankin, Program Manager
Forestry Continuing Studies Network
Kamloops, BC