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Creation of a Consumer's Guide to
Career Training and Professional Education

Client Human Resources Development Canada,
Learning and Literacy Directorate (Ottawa, Canada)
Deliverable Choosing the Training You Need (FuturEd, 1997), a pamphlet that provides the questions students should ask as they choose between providers of training, e.g., colleges and training institutes. The questions are based on the recommended national training standards (CLFDB, 1995). The guide is currently being distributed by the New Brunswick education and training ministry; and other provinces are considering doing so. Questions about producing the guide can be directed to FuturEd. An electronic version is available at
  • complete project management
  • conceptualization of the consumer’s guide and quality audit as tools to provide quality assurance and transform learning systems
  • reframing of CLFDB Training Standards into questions for students
  • focus group research to refine the guide
  • production in hard copy and on-line, both in English and French
  • Training Standards (CLFDB, 1995)
  • consumer’s orientation to education and training
  • all elements of learning systems – inputs, processes, outcomes
  • Cooperation from the Canadian Labour Force Development Board (Ottawa)
  • Design and production by Herrera Berman Communications (Ottawa)
Date Spring 1996 – Spring 1997
Contact Dr. David Thornton, Director
Learning and Literacy Directorate, HRDC
Ottawa, Canada