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Conceptualizing the Skills of Knowledge Workers -
Higher Order Employability Skills

Client Human Resources Development Canada (Ottawa, Canada)
Standards, Planning and Analysis Branch
Deliverable Skill Profiles for Higher Skill Level Occupations: A Background Paper (FuturEd, 1997), an environmental scan and literature review regarding the nature of skills inherent in occupations for which post-secondary education is a requirement, but for which there is no specific training program. In addition to a theoretical analysis, the report includes existing skill lists for:
  • higher order employability skills from the perspective of employers, educators, accrediting bodies and futurists; and
  • knowledge work at the entry, survival, and thriving level
  • graduates from post-secondary education
  • conceptualizing the nature of the occupations as "knowledge workers," "educated generalists," and/or "higher order employability skills"
  • extensive literature review and contact with experts
  • writing and production of report
  • employability skills at various levels
  • post-secondary education
  • futurist issues in education and employment
Date Spring 1997
Contact Dr. Debra Mair, Director
Standards, Planning and Analysis Branch (HRDC)
Ottawa, Canada