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Development of a Skills and Knowledge Profile -
The Learning Record

Client Canadian Labour Force Development Board (Ottawa, Canada)
  • The CLFDB Learning Record Project Background Paper (CLFDB, 1996), an extensive background paper on the concept of a learning passport or skills portfolio as the logical outcome of the PLA/PLAR process
  • Issues and Implications of a Skills and Knowledge Profile (CLFDB, 1996), a policy document with prototype SKP
  • The Skills and Knowledge Profile Research Project: A Consultation Workplan with steps to develop and research the impact of an SKP on increased effectiveness, efficiency and equity of labour force development systems
  • extensive literature review and report preparation
  • conceptualization of an electronic learning record
  • policy development and research planning
  • working with multi-stakeholder advisory committee
  • assessment and recording of student learning
  • employment counseling and career planning processes
  • electronic labour market information systems
  • workforce development
Partner PLA Steering Committee (CLFDB) with representatives from:
  • organized labour (CEP/CFL)
  • business (GM Canada)
  • education (National Education Organizations Committee)
  • equity seeking groups (Visible Minority Committee)
  • provincial education ministries (New Brunswick)
  • Human Resources Development Canada
  • Council of Ministers of Education, Canada
Date Fall 1996 to Winter 1997
Contact Ms. Lenore Burton, Executive Director
Canadian Labour Force Development Board
Ottawa, Canada