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FuturEd Presentation
The Future and PLAR; the Future of PLAR
Dr. Kathryn Barker, author (97/11/13)


Table of Contents

The Future and PLAR; the Future of PLAR
Presentation Overview
Ways to View The Future
Studying The Future
The Futurist Literature
Seven Common Themes
What does studying the future tell us about the future of PLAR?
Underlying Assumptions
Forces for Change in Work and Education
The Future of PLAR is linked to...
Changes in who / how we’ll be...
1. J-I-T lifelong learner
PLAR is relevant if..
2. SuperBee
PLAR is relevant if...
3. Knowledge Worker
PLAR is relevant if..
4. Sovereign Consumer
PLAR is relevant if...
THE PLAR irony (the probable future?)
Necessary Changes in Learning Systems
Marketing PLAR (for a preferred future)
Consumer-related Trends (Clicking: Popcorn, 1996)
Consumer-related Trends 
So what do you think?
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