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For Immediate Release - Aug 26, 2002

The sign of quality e-learning has arrived

Vancouver, BC: The purchase of e-learning programs has become a $1 billion industry in North America. This fall, over 5,000 Canadians will be enrolled in virtual schools or distance education programs that offer high school, university and adult education courses via the computer and the Internet. Corporations, professional associations, and government departments are deploying e-learning courseware to train and upgrade their employees and telecommunications providers such as Telus and Bell operate web site portals that lead consumers to training and training programs

But how do consumers who are purchasing the programs know that they’ve made the best selection for their needs? How do producers of the e-learning courses ensure buyers they’re getting a top quality product?

Dr. Kathryn Barker, President and founder of FuturEd™ Inc. QualitE-learning Assurance Inc. advises purchasers and developers of e-learning programs to “check it out.”

“At FuturEd, we’ve just developed the QualitE-learning audit, a service that assesses the quality of e-learning products and services against the CanREGS, Canada’s Recommended E-learning Guidelines, and then awards the E-learning Quality check mark to those programs that meet the criteria,” explains Dr. Barker

Consumers who look for the EQ check mark will be assured they’re purchasing a course or program that meets quality standards.

In June, 2002, the CanREGS were launched by FuturEd™ Inc and numerous national organizations, including Human Resources Development Canada, Industry Canada, the Canadian Association for Community Education and leading education agencies to provide e-learning consumers with a tool to assess the suitability and quality of any online courses they may be considering. Published in English and French, the CanREGS and the Consumer’s Guide to E-learning are available free on the web.

The E-learning Quality check mark is FuturEd’s next step in ensuring that purchasers of e-learning programs receive the highest quality products available. For full information on the E-learning Quality check mark visit www.EQcheck.com

FuturEd™ Consulting Education Futurists Inc. (FuturEd™ Inc) is a consulting firm based in Vancouver, Canada and founded by Dr. Kathryn Barker in 1995. A virtual organization with

associates and strategic alliances across Canada and around the world, FuturEd™ Inc provides a wide variety of products and services related to all aspects of education and training in the future for the future. FuturEd is primarily concerned with the consumers of learning services. QualitE-learning Assurances Inc. is an exciting new business launched by FuturEd™ Inc to ensure that consumers worldwide receive the best return on their e-learning investment.

To view the full range of services provided by FuturEd™ Inc, visit www.futured.com

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