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Use FuturEd's Training Quality Audit
to measure your training services against national standards for excellence


You aren't the only training show in town!

Your training customers have choices: software programs, the local college, distance education from another province, private trainers, how-to manuals, international credentials via the Internet... They want training that is accessible, relevant, efficient and productive.

You have to demonstrate training excellence!

Training customers expect the highest quality in the resources, the processes and practices, and the out-comes of training services. Excellence in training is a combination of many factors.

Who defines 'training excellence'? Customers do!

On behalf of those who need and who purchase labour force training programs, the Canadian Labour Force Development Board has developed recommended national standards for excellence in training (September 1995). The CLFDB is made up of representatives from business, labour, the four designated equity groups (women, visible minorities, aboriginal peoples, and persons with disabilities), the education and training community, provincial and federal governments (ex officio). They hold the view that national standards are an important step in creating an equitable, effective and efficient training system in Canada.

Measure your excellence with a TQA.

The FuturEd Training Quality Audit (TQA) is the tool for measuring training services against national standards for training excellence. The TQA can be conducted for an entire institution, a program area, or a single course.

The TQA helps your training organization know its strengths and weaknesses from a consumer's viewpoint: strengths for comparative advantage in a very competitive marketplace, and weaknesses for planned improvements... before your customer discovers them.

The TQA puts substance into your marketplace plans: you'll know what you're doing well... what you should be selling through your public relations and advertising. The TQA will focus your strategic planning... you'll know what changes to make.

Do the TQA yourself or get professional help from FuturEd... you choose!

The TQA can be an informal assessment conducted by you as a group exercise to enhance planning, marketing, and positive

The FuturEd TQA Guide can be purchased singly or
in bulk, in print or via the FuturEd website,


The Training Quality Audit can be conducted
for you by FuturEd as an external evaluator.

You can contract with FuturEd for:

  • a presentation to understand the TQA, 

  • a workshop to help you go through it, 

  • a full TQA done for you. 

FuturEd is the authority on TQA.

The FuturEd Training Quality Audit is adapted directly from the CLFDB Training Standards. FuturEd president and chief consultant Dr. Kathryn Barker managed the project to develop the Training Standards while she was employed by the CLFDB in Ottawa. She worked with representatives of the consumers of labour force training programs and services as they developed the Training Standards in a consensus-based process that included a national consultation. Dr. Barker knows the content and the intent of the Training Standards, and she knows how you can use them to your advantage!

Do your own TQA... before your customers do.

The CLFDB Training Standards will soon be available as a consumer's guide to training. Your potential training customers, encouraged by those who provide financial assistance and counselling, will be asking you the same questions that are in the TQA.

Here's a sample from the TQA Guide:

With the TQA, you'll be prepared when customers start asking questions.

How do your training services measure up?