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You should know that... 

  • Training Standards were developed by the Canadian Labour Force Development Board (CLFDB) in 1995. 
  • They are recommended standards intended to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of Canadas training system. 
  • They are national standards developed through extensive consultation with the labour market partners across Canada by the CLFDB as a non-governmental body. According to the CLFDB and others, national standards are necessary. 
  • They are customer-oriented standards reflecting the consensus view of the consumers of training services, with input from the providers. 
  • They are not a passing fad. There are, for example, plans to turn them into a consumers guide for individual students to use. Training organizations are already using the FuturEd Training Quality Audit, based on the Standards, to determine their competitive advantage. Sector councils are distributing the Training Standards widely. 
  • They are being promoted by FuturEd, through formal agreement with the CLFDB, to increase awareness and use of the Training Standards. 


What are the Training Standards all about?

How could you use them?

What happens if you ignore them?

Why do you need FuturEd?


FuturEd makes the link between the Training Standards and:

  • increasing return on investment in training, 
  • developing competitive advantage, 
  • planning for positive change, and 
  • the major concerns youre dealing with today. 

For your next conference, planning exercise, or program evaluation,
contract with FuturEd for:

Option A An interactive, multimedia presentation on the Training Standards, their origins and implications.
Option B Option A plus a section on potential application of the Training Standards to your organizational needs and opportunities, eg., marketing, strategic planning, program evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, choosing training providers. 
Option C Options A and B plus a participatory implementation workshop.
Option D An abbreviated workshop, for those familiar with the Training Standards, on potential applications in your specific context. 


FuturEd president, Dr. Kathryn Barker, managed the project to develop the Training Standards while she was employed by the CLFDB in Ottawa. She is completely informed on the background, process, content and intent of the Training Standards. She is knowledgeable about the potential uses, and has developed both a consumers guide to training and the FuturEd Training Quality Audit.

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