September 2006 ePortfolio in 2006:  A Call to Action ePortfolio in 2006  
June 2006 Program and Presentations for the Third PanAmerican ePortfolio Forum (Vancouver, April 2006) Final program Presentations
June 2006 ePortfolio for Skilled Immigrants - Project Report Report - eP for Skilled Immigrants - LIfIA
June 2006 ePortfolio in the Workplace - Project Background Paper LIfIA Background eP for Skilled Immigrants  
June 2006 EIfEL Call for Presentations:  Oxford 2006
May 2006

FuturEd ePortfolio Services: Implementation Strategies, Training Workshops and Independent ePortfolio Management

May 2006 Open eQuality Learning Standards - managed by a Joint Committee of LIfIA and EIfEL - open source eLearning standards for designing and evaluating eLearning that meets consumer-based quality standards OeQLs May 2004  
06 APR 2006 NOTICE: We have had some technical issues with our website, and have temporarily uploaded a backup version which may contain old information. We are very sorry for this inconvenience, and are working to restore the current version for you.    



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