Core competencies for university faculty (self-assessment tools)

  1. Teaching
  2. Research
  3. Community Service
  4. University Service
  5. Information and Communications Technologies
  6. eLearning (in addition to Teaching and ICT competencies)

Core competency ePortfolio Tools staff and/or students

Transferrable Skills eP Tool

International Skills eP Tool

Entrepreneurial KSA eP Tool

Core teaching competencies for eLearning eP Tool

Core research competencies eP Tool

Core teaching competencies eP Tool

Core technical competencies eP Tool

Core university service competencies eP tool

               (leadership and management)

Core community service competencies eP Tool

Competency and ePortfolio tools for university students

Graduate Attributes eP Tool

MUSC Graduate Attributes eP Tool

FuturEd Ideal Graduate Attributes paper